The concept of the orbital wheel attracts great interest and has a high development potential. 3 prototypes were produced, each embodying to different degrees future prospects for the development of the motorbike in general.

First motorbike with orbital wheels.
Earles type suspension.
Peripheral brakes.

Front axle with swivel arm.
Steering pin close to the ground.
Elimination of the fork.
Adjustable roll angle.
Peripheral front brake.

MOTORBIKE 3 : (Test model for a competition bike)
Orbital wheels.
Single arm front and rear suspension fixed directly onto the engine mounting block.
All competition engines can be fitted.
Pin steering.
Automatic hydraulically-operated roll angle control.
Electronic drift control.
Peripheral brakes.

The field of applications is increasing constantly as new concepts are being worked on, such as prototypes with independently suspended twin wheels.
Advantages: the ground contact surface is increased twofold, maximum adherency is constantly maintained and comfort on the road is greatly improved.
Other projects may be introduced on the market in the near future.
The experience gained during a year of hard work has shown that it is very likely that a new generation of motorbikes will be introduced: faultless rigidity, exceptional roadholding and comfort, enhanced motor functions, lightweight yet sturdy, perfection on wheels…

Although the experience acquired has yet to leave the drawing board, this motorbike brings together the best of our patented concepts and production models. The result is an impressive list of strong points.
Safety : 9 points
Performance : 8 points
Reliability : 6 points
Economy : 4 points
OSMOS WHEEL : Precision, Solidity, Balance, Lightness, Reliability, Comfort, Simplicity.
PIN STEERING : Precision, Rigidity, Simplicity, Lightness, Comfort.
ROLL ANGLE : Stability, Manoeuvrability, Pleasure.
PERIPHERAL BRAKES : Power, Stability, Ventilation.
TWIN WHEELS : Adherency, Motor functions, Comfort, Stability, Resistance to wear.
DRIFT : Stability, Balance.

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