The use of small sectional large diameter bearings presents an immediate set of advantages in terms of accuracy, lightweight and solidity.

The wheel has been redefined as a circular runner, with the tyre/road interface being the essential part. It is therefore only logical to focus on the lowest part of the runner, closest to the CGM point (Contact Ground Mobile).

Let us consider the active forces and the consequent reactions and take CGM as our new reference point. Spectacular results can be found in terms of: safety, performance and reliability.

Fastening has been moved to the most interesting area from the point of view of force: peripheral and close to the ground.

The forces in action at the point of contact between tyre and ground no longer pass through the midwheel but are transmitted directly to the suspended elements.

(+20 to 100%)
The forces act at the CGM point.
The design of floating peripheral ring brakes opens up the possibility of producing multiple disc brakes in the near future.
An empty wheel that offers ventilation possibilities.

The connecting points of the steering components are located peripherally for steering precision.

The connecting points of the steering components are located peripherally to decrease pressure and vibration.

Driving comfort and adherence have improved in particular by lowering the centre of gravity.

The centre-free wheel rim frees space in the centre of the wheel for mounting undreamt-of equipment and devices.

The centre-free rim gives this wheel a spectacularly attractive look.

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