The Osmos wheel constitutes a revolution that offers enormous possibilities for development of which only a few have been explored so far.
Discover a few of the prototypes that have been made.

Test model for a competition motorbike with orbital wheels and single arm front and rear suspension fixed directly onto the engine mounting block.
Any kind of competition engine can be fitted on this prototype. It is also equipped with pin steering, automatic hydraulically-operated roll angle control, and electronic drift and peripheral brake control.

In the space era, a car must be able to twist and turn on the moon as well as on the uneven terrain leading to the bottom of the moon's craters. Lacking a central hub, the OSMOS wheels of the "Neo Cosmic Voyager" adapt themselves, each on its own, to the unevenness of the ground in such a way that the body is always in a perfectly horizontal position.

Monocorps was designed by Francis Metzger. It was shown at the Paris Motor Show and presented in an article in the magazine " Sciences et vie ".
This monocorps stands out for its passenger compartment completely separated from the mechanical components, thanks to the adoption of OSMOS wheels. In fact, engine, transmission, braking and steering system are all fitted into the orbital wheels.
The engine has five pistons in a star-shape and is connected to inertia wheels that also serve as disc brakes.

A hybrid, half-car, half-motorbike, designed by Pascal Fouquereau, shown at the Paris Motor Show and presented in a article in the magazine " Sciences et vie ".
The front wheels can near twin position at cruising speed and separate to 1.30 m apart to ensure stability at low speed.
The rear wheel is both engine and steering system. It is powered by a two-stroke-three cylinder Orbital engine, by means of a sequential control gearbox.
Bodywork is in Kevlar and the removable cockpit accommodates three passengers seated on a triple saddle with backrests.

Thanks to the use of OSMOS wheels, this "baggage" wheelchair offers revolutionary opportunities for use. Weighing only 3 kg, it can be easily dismantled in a few seconds and stored in a small bag (62 cm in diameter and 12 cm thick), which greatly facilitates storage and handling of this wheelchair.

This prototype was presented to the public in an article in " Thunder Cycles ".
A model transcending the future made the creation of this American V-Twin possible.
The well-known Chrome-Leather design reaches its peak, coupled with innovative technology. The OSMOS wheels, associated with the hydraulic system that controls both fork and shock absorbers, are the main part of this "Street-Fighter", called "Apache".

Visionaries above all: the collaborators of BMW technik GmbH can let themselves be led by revolutionary ideas and give impetus without having to be concerned with immediate serial production.

The OSMOS wheel adapted for this electric scooter gives it an innovative style and renews the image of the electric vehicle. Silent and non-polluting as well, this electric scooter remains efficient thanks to the decrease of the gyroscopic effect and unsprung mass, in particular connected with orbital wheels.

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